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How Often Should You Get IV Therapy?

You might have come across Intravenous Infusions, IV therapy if you have been looking for effective alternative treatments for ailments like sluggishness or lethargy. During these specialized sessions, experts like those at SkinFX Medical Spa, Pasadena, will offer you an IV drip designed to nourish and hydrate.

How IV Therapy Work

Through the infusion therapy, nutrients like antioxidant compounds, minerals, and vitamins will be delivered to your bloodstream. What you want to accomplish and the result of your pretreatment testing will determine the exact ‘cocktail’ of the infusion. Some of the things you can achieve through some therapies include boosting your immune system, enhancing sports performance, and increasing your energy levels.

Your medical provider will insert an IV catheter into one of your veins to deliver a specified mixture of supplements to your bloodstream during your treatment session. The nutrient will be fully bioavailable through direct delivery. That means you have had a marked improvement obtained through oral supplements over the approximately 20 percent bioavailability of nutrients.

Conditions It Can Treat

IV therapy can treat some conditions. It is exceptional at restoring hydration in your body because of the direct infusion of fluids. It can also handle some of the conditions like:

  • Sluggish metabolism

  • Immune deficiency

  • Lethargy and general fatigue

  • Headaches, including migraines

You can talk to experienced and efficient professionals at SkinFX Medical Spa, Pasadena if an infusion treatment can help you. After listening to you, they will run diagnostic screenings to establish the kind of vitamin deficiency you may be experiencing.

How Often Should You Schedule IV Therapy Treatments?

Individual requirements will determine the frequency of getting the IV therapy. Since there is no fixed interval with the IV therapy for everybody, you can customize your IV therapy. You can schedule the IV therapy according to your needs, either at a single sitting before or after the occasion.

When you’re developing a treatment plan, you will want to consider some factors. You can schedule weekly infusion sessions when you start your treatment. It’s helpful to maintain this schedule if you have a chronic health condition that affects your immune system. When you notice that your nutrient levels have been stabilized, you can space the treatment two weeks apart. Leave two to three weeks after each treatment to have your nutrient levels elevated. And when you have achieved your desired results, you can choose every month for the infusion therapy session.

It can be quite tricky to place a schedule on sessions since your medical provider will customize your treatment plan for you as an individual. If you want the best way to maintain and achieve the results you are looking for, consult with SkinFX Medical Spa professionals. They will be glad to discuss IV Therapy and other options suitable to you based on your general health concerns.